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bohemiangoat's Journal

bondage bunnie
6 June
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i am a spicey little vixen who has a weakness for black leather and cold chains and pink fuzzy slippers. My favorite book is Jonathan Livingston Seagull, it changed my life. I own a goat, since i'm so hardcore about veganism, his name is Sigmund. I love to paint my nails and play my playstation 2. I'm so weird, i wear a retainer.....my teeth aren't crooked.....but i like the way it feels in my mouth.......favorite quote:
"i'm a little bit counrty, i'm a little bit rock 'n roll"
donnie and marie 4 lyfe!!!
against all authority, animal sacrfice, anorexia, aphex twins, art, at the drive in, axle, baby lotion, bad punkins, barbra wa wa, being naked, bi-sexual, bison, biting sucking, black, black maxi pads, blink 182, bondage, boobs, brandy, cabin boy, camel toe, cars, celion dion, cheerleading, cheese burgers, clinton river, clits, cottage cheese, curling, cutting myself, deep conversations, denny's, dildos, donnie and marie, dropping out of school, edgar allen poe, emo, emonism, factory 81, farm animals, feather bowling, fertilizer, fish nets, flashlights, football, freddie prinze jr, fruit cocktail, gibraltor, glue, goatwhore, goth, gun and knife show, gutterpunks, h20, half baked, hot wax, huffamoose, jasper johns, jerry, jock straps, joey lawerance, john waters, judd nelson, kfc, kid rock, kool methols, lemonade, licking, lifetime, lillitha fair, llamas, looney tunes, magic the gathering, mandy moore, marilyn mason, masturbation, mcdonalds, michael j fox, neve cambell, new found glory, nipple piercings, nipples, ozzy, painting, papazon, paper, phish, piercing, pintos, polish polka, punk, raffi, red neck zombies, rocky horry picture show, rollins band, rusted root, screw drivers, sex, sex toys, shoes, sirnges, slipnot, snatches, snl, sound of music, sports bras, stained, starbucks, straight-edge, sum 41, tattoos, taxidermy, tea bags, the brat pack, the carpenters, the craft, the killing tide, the osmonds, the rugrats, the view, thongs, tiger woods, tom hanks, trent renzor, trolls, troma, two by fours, two stupid dogs, unlce kracker, vampires, veganism, vodka, waterbeds, wicca, witches, writing