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It has been awhile old friend. Alot has changed in my life.
Ok, nothing has changed in my life, but I have
been contemplating change. I have decided
change is over-rated. Speaking of over-rated. My snake died.
death is over-rated. My snake looks very peaceful these days.
I should get rid of her, but we became very close over
the past few months, and I couldn't bare to part with her.
I still bow to the alter of under-rated, under-appreciated
god of love. I looked back on my older journals. I noticed rampant
inconsistencies in my writing. I am done with this childish slang
and computer "lingo". An adult is blossoming in these tight
leather pants and i will no longer hold it back. I am still lonely.
I girl with a whip recently offered me her services and I declined.
Am i loosing my lust for life, and girls with whips?

dear friend this is not the last you've heard from me. I will be back
again soon.

"Love is natural and real but not for such as you and I, my love"
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