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looks about the size of a cigar

oh joyful *bliss* last nite on tbs they played the breakfast club. mmmmmmmmm i got 2 fall asleep 2 my baby ... judd <3 <3 <3 it was the best thing ever, i even had a dream about him after i went to sleep. i was molly ringwald when judd was hiding under the table and tried to stick his face into her crotch, only, i let him do it. and he did it good too!! oh i am so dirty sometimes, but alas it was only a dream.
i did not have any luck at city club this weekend. i could not get any of my girlfriends or boyfriends together to go . i wuz really looknig forward to it. oh well maybe next weekend but now it iz time to dream about my man <3 judd <3 nite nite
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