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hi...this iz my first entry, i'm a little nervous expressing my feeling on the internet, but it is exciting to finally share my thoughts and feeling with the world, considering that i don't have that many people to talk to in my life. i feel that the world tends to shut me out, so i am looking forward to making some new friends on the internet.

today, i watched one of my all time fav flicks, the breakfast club. in fact i watched it 12 timz becuz judd nelson is my god <3 <3 <3 i *heart* him i tend to masturbate whenever he cums on the screen. this is such a stress reliever 4 me cuz my life is so hard. sometimes i think about that molly ringwald becuz she iz a hot piece of ass 2. yum yum (but she aint no judd)

ok well that iz about it 4 my first journal i am very excited to have this!!! i can't wait 2 get sum friends!!! so please read and put me on your list!!!

i'm outtie :P
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Hello, my name is Polly and u sound cool. I've seen the breakfast club, it rox !!.. *LOL*.. well keep posting, and i'll keep reading :)

Mistress Polly
thanks miztress polly!!
you sound pretty swell yourself!!!
I was wondering. How long have you liked Judd? for me I am sure its been over a year. Besides TBC which are your favorite Judd movies? I think he was really good in cabin by the lake.

Hey, you seem interesting... I like your LJ!